April 23, 2009, 12:46 am
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Excuse my French, but Holy Fuck! I just got put on to this basketball phenom Jeremy Tyler. Hailing from San Diego standing 6’11 260 lbs, this dude has it. Not only is he a dominant force in the paint, the kid has mad handles (think Lamar Odom x 1000) and can shoot. He’s making some noise because he’s forgoing his Senior year in High School and going pro. I know what you might be thinking, the NBA pulled the whole jumping from HS to NBA deal, true. However, he has found a different route, he will be playing pro ball in Europe then jump to the NBA. Whoa. Let’s hope he stays healthy and makes his mark in the NBA soon. Here are some vids of this rediculousness..

– j.


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Someone go ahead and tell Egon to heal up… with our new recruit…. I think we got this!


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