April 2, 2009, 12:35 am
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Some of yous probably saw our last two posts and were like.. “the steezy my ass!” But  if you didn’t catch it by now, it was our April Fool’s Day joke. WOMP! WOMP! (Although I know ya’ll was feeling the ‘mandals’ lol) Anyway, I’m gonna lace you with my real ‘What I Wish I Wore Today’ (my first one, iDOL’s been killin’ it) and it goes a little somethin’ like thiiiis..


SUPER Frames (I wear glasses forreal, ain’t no frontin’ here kiddos)

circleteethzipshawlOriginalFake Circle Teeth Zip Shawl

lancasterstripeteeStussy Deluxe Lancaster Stripe Tee

ransomworkpantsRANSOM Workpants

0016hCommon Projects Safari Boot

8editeduv1Kanye’s Black Jesus Piece

kawsmobileRollin up and down the block in this.. haha!

– j.


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