Thieves in the Night (Rough Cut)
November 14, 2008, 11:14 am
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So I’ve been taking this Film class for the past 3 months and had a film project due this week. My assignment was to basically make a 4-6 min. short film that involved a chase. It’s all shot guerilla style and my boys starred in this epic project. Haha this is just the rough cut, their’s some audio and editing that needs to be done for the final, but I wanted to put it up and see what ya’ll thought.

“I’d like to thank Espo and RodMan, Mulando, Mauricio for helping me with this arduous project that was place on me to do. It was difficult but I had the time of my life filming this project. To all my boys from the 4000 Block, The Steezy, Sk8tronics, for giving me the support I needed….hahaha”



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Hahaha! Don’t ever come back muth*fuckers! Nice nice! I wish i could help! Peace!

Comment by G' from PI


Comment by SK8TRONIKX

this movie is the shit!!!

Comment by RodMan

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