September 17, 2008, 1:20 am

The other day I was driving by the Wiltern here in Los Angeles. I noticed a typical long line for a show rounded the corner passed the Denny’s. Whenever I see the people in line, I like to analyze the crowd and try to figure out whos performing. Well this crowd looked like a crowd I should have been a part of. I was curious to see who was performing. As I drove the backstreet I saw the tour bus, COMMON. Yea, I have seen Common several times but I felt like I took an L for not even knowing about the show. To make it worse, it was with N.E.R.D.! WTF! With Pharrell there, I knew Com was gonna do some new shit which I think is amazing. People already assume and are saying that Com is going out of his element and is gonna have another ‘Electric Circus’ on his hands. But I dont think so. Seriously, no matter who you are, working with Pharrell just give you a new dimension. Universal Mind Contorl brings you back to the future with that Afrika Bambataa flavor, then Announcment came out and it just started the anticipation. So of course at the show that I didnt even know was happening Common and Pharrell do another song from the new album, this one is called The Eye. Peep the vid and also the vid to Announcement. YEZZUR!

– j.


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