August 18, 2008, 11:49 pm
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I remember when the Carhartt Nike SB Dunk Lows released. The whole mystique about them was that taking a bleach pen to them would make them look so much sicker. I remember me and my boy copping em, and taking bleach to em right away. I had the black pair and took my bleach pen to the swooshes only, it came out dope but it was a messy process. I got some random blotches and was ticked off by it, and decided to do a splatter pattern, boy did that not work, I still have them in the back of my closet to say the least. My boy had the brown pair, he, like others, bleached the whole shoe. It looked super dope, til he threw em in the washer to rid of some excess bleach. When the cycle ended he found his shoes torn to shreds! HA! With all that said, I think its redemption time, but thisetime its Carhartt x Vans. These look dope as hell as-is, but Im sure well see some people breakin out the bleach pens once again!

– j.


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