August 15, 2008, 6:39 am
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Being visually challenged shouldn’t be a burden, it’s a lifestyle. (ha!) Anyway, if youre like me and you wear specs, you know how hard it is to find that right pair. Just like denim, we nerds go through many different eyeglasses in the neverending search for the perfect frame. There’s not too much out there in terms of style besides your big name designers that really put more effort into their sunglasses than eyeglasses. Therefore I’d like to spotlight an eyeglass company with a great history and some ill frames. Freaks and geeks I have for you.. MOSCOT.

Venerable optical retailer, Moscot, has been a New York City institution for over 90 years. Patriarch Hyman Moscot (father of Sol) began selling eyeglasses from a pushcart on Manhattan’s famed Lower East Side in 1899 and the rest is history.”

Moscot has two collections, the Originals and the Spirit.

A nod to the classic great looks of vintage frames from decades past, the newly-made Moscot Originals styles retain all of the authenticity of the frames that first made Moscot famous.

The Originals also includes the Nebb Limited Edition, only 2oo made. (in 4 colors, but if you wanna go classic, the non limited version comes in a cool black)

The ultra sleek Moscot Spirit line seamlessly blends classic elements of the Moscot Originals Line with progressive styling to create a look that is bold, edgy and timeless, all at the same time.

Im currently torn between two models off the Spirit line. What do you think?

Option A: Hesh

Option B: Yale

So that was my post about eyeglasses. So if your in the hunt for something classic and original check out Moscot. I know of a few other low-key, underground so to say, eyeglass companies and will write about those in the future. But for now, dont be greedy and be glad I put you on to game. holler.

– j.


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